Everyday callings

God calls everyone. This can be a bit of a surprise because people often don’t think they’re ‘good enough’ to be called, but God created each of us with unique gifts and when we use those gifts in the service of God and others we feel most fully alive. Callings come in all shapes and forms – a call to be neighbourly, to prayer, to healing, to campaign for justice; and often a combination of different things!

The leaflets below can help you explore how you might be called. Each of them can be used on your own to do some thinking but you may find it helpful to also talk with someone you can trust. There are suggestions in the leaflets about who that might be.

It is often valuable to reflect with other people about our gifts or where we think God might be calling us. That might be a trusted friend or someone from your Church or ministry team. Across the diocese we have Chaplains for Discerning Calling (CDC) and Spiritual Directors both of whom are used to helping people think about what God seems to be doing in their lives. To find out more about these two ministries – either to connect with a CDC or Spiritual Director, or to become one – see the links at the bottom of the page.

Who to contact

Helen Weld, Vocations Adviser