Faith sharing stories part 1: the least you need t

You can describe your experience of faith to other people in a natural way. You can do that by using faith-sharing stories.

They are your stories and your experience!

I wrote at length about how to share your faith with other people and the least you need to know. This video summarises that post into a 90-second animation!

Do please share this video with those in your congregation or use it as part of your own Talking Jesus Course. It shows people how they might get started in sharing their faith in an approachable way.

Find out more about the Talking Jesus Course mentioned in the video.

This three-part article will go a little deeper into the two types of faith sharing stories you can tell.

The least you need to know to show your faith is your stories.

Knowing the stories of your experience as a follower of Jesus is key to sharing your faith.

You can break this down into:

  • Knowing your short stories. These are everyday type stories.
  • Knowing your long story. This is the story of how God has acted at significant moments in your life. For instance, for some people that will also be the time they decided to follow Jesus and the series of events which led up to it. I will cover this in part 2 and 3 of this series of articles.

What is your short story of faith?

Your short stories are the everyday things that happen to you.

You can find these by asking yourself what you are noticing about how God is working in your life. And they can be simple! Let me suggest an example of finding short stories of faith.

I encourage people to pray for the simplest of things. That a phone call would happen at the right moment. A parking space in a busy carpark will be available!

A personal short story

My sons are 15 and 19 years old. Ever since they were young, we have prayed for carpark spaces on busy shopping days. Without fail, there has always been a parking space at the right place, and the right time. As the boys competed on who could pray first for a space, two spaces would be next to each other. That was most remarkable when it was Christmas and people were diving into spaces. And the queues of cars went right round the carpark. We would drive in and park calmly.

If this happened occasionally, then it would be a coincidence. But every time for 15 years? It has done their faith no harm. They have joined us in prayer every day for greater and smaller things. They have seen God answer in amazing ways.

I have stories of people helping us out with gifts of money at the right moment when we needed it. The house I am living in now was an answer to prayer which on paper was impossible. As a family we prayed for the kind of house we needed, and God was gracious! It was beyond what we could ask or possibly imagine.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.
(Ephesians chapter 3 verse 20)

What is there in the bible to say short stories to share your faith are ok?

I have heard it said that we shouldn’t bother God with asking for small things. These small things will help us to tell short stories.

There is the passage that Jesus refers to when the devil tempts him in the wilderness. Jesus says, ‘Man should not live by bread alone.’

He is referring to Deuteronomy chapter 8, centred around verse 3. Jesus doesn’t quote the rest of the chapter and verse. But this passage in Deuteronomy is about God teaching the Israelites to trust him daily.

The passage refers to the 40 years in the wilderness. That is the time when God taught his people reliance on him. God’s word – his promise and care – is more important than bread. God promised to care for his people and supply what they needed. They needed to trust him for those small things. By trusting him for the small things, they would have the faith to enter Canaan and overcome serious odds. In fact, it was their lack of faith which led them to be in the wilderness for 40 years in the first place!

When everyday things are in plentiful supply, it is easy to forgo reliance on God. The heart of it is not about keeping bellies fed. Rather, it is trusting God for even the smallest things we might take for granted.

Let’s face it, we take the daily necessities for granted until we don’t have access to it, then it becomes a problem.

Er… toilet paper in 2020 anyone? Say no more!

Small things are important.

God cares for the very tiny areas of our lives. He knows every hair on our heads (Luke chapter 12 verse 7).

When the small things are happening, pause and notice them. And ask, what might God be saying or doing right now?

Short stories of faith…

To summarise

  • Sharing your faith is easier when you don’t feel you have to give a sermon or have deep theological knowledge. It is easier to share when it is as natural as telling someone what you did over the weekend or on your holidays.
  • Longer stories of how you came to faith and so on are great, but you can’t tell that story very often to the same group of people. They may get bored! So, save it for special occasions. I’ll cover that in part 3.
  • Instead, look for everyday faith stories. Stories of when God is working in your every day!
  • Embrace the simple things of life and remember that God is interested in the smallest parts of your life. Learn to give thanks to him for everyday things.
  • Sometimes it is hard to see where God is working. And now sure that we can tell even a short story. In the next article, I will explore how to discover the short stories in our lives. And even find brand new ones.
  • read the next article in the series about how to find more stories to tell!

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