LLF in Bath and Wells

On the launch of the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) resources, Bishop Ruth, the Bishop of Taunton, said: “I welcome the opportunity these resources give us to listen and learn together to the voice of God and one another. Matters of identity, sexuality, relationship and marriage are foundational to good community and I encourage all of us to engage with the suite of learning materials with open hearts and minds, and with grace and compassion, over this next year.”

A recent attendee from one of the courses held in the diocese shared this feedback:

I came to the course against a background of people telling me I shouldn't because biblical teaching was clear about all things relational and sexual and any deviation was sinful. I didn't find this particularly helpful and after praying about attending I felt it was the right thing to do. Far from being “brainwashed” or fed a “false gospel” I found the leaders and course content gently introduced us to the issues, looked at where we may find help in the scriptures and introduced us to a number of people who were very much in love and with Jesus at the very core of their relationships.  This was a wonderful introduction to an emotionally challenging subject and I have come away feeling informed and with a renewed sense of God's amazing love for humanity with all its faults and failings. I felt safe and cared for throughout the course and wish to thank the leaders for this.

Following our ‘taster day’ to look at the LLF resources in March 2021, to which benefices were invited to send a representative and we now have trained 21 facilitators to help groups of parishes, deanery groups and other groupings with the LLF course.

The closing date for receiving comments and thoughts which can contribute to the national programme of listening and learning, has been moved to 30th April 2022. This gives further time for us all to engage with this process and share in the national conversation.


Diocesan LLF Course (online) is open to anyone interested in engaging with the process.

Next course dates: Tuesday 5th, Tuesday 12th and Tuesday 26th April from 7 - 9.30pm (Note: this is a three session course)

To register for the course, please contact Allie White


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Who to contact

If you have questions about LLF and how conversations should be held in the diocese, contact Kate Scott, Bishops' Chaplain or Allie White.