A new initiative to set up and establish youth groups in churches

Do you have a church youth group? If your answer is ‘we would like one’ Fuse is for you.

  • Fuse is for young people
  • That needs four volunteers
  • Giving four hours of their time
  • To lead four activities each term

Resources, training and support are all provided by the Go Team to ensure that volunteers feel confident delivering four engaging activities for young people that brings them together for discussion, reflection, prayer, worship and most importantly, a fun time together…

Interested? Contact your Archdeaconry Go Team Adviser to arrange a visit, register and gain access to the Fuse resources and set up pack.

Your set up pack will include:

  1. Fuse Explained
  2. Fuse Step by Step Guide
  3. Fuse Good Practice and Risk Assessment
  4. Fuse Annual Consent Form
  5. Fuse Annual Programme BLANK
  6. Fuse Annual Programme EXAMPLE
  7. Fuse Accident Form
  8. Fuse Incident Form
  9. Fuse Behaviour Policy
  10. Fuse Positive Behaviour Chart
  11. Fuse Youth Consultation
  12. Fuse Annual Review
  13. Fuse Social
  14. Fuse Serve
  15. Fuse Study
  16. Fuse Space

Who to contact

For further support, contact your archdeaconry Go team advisers for Growing Faith and Everyday Faith.


1. Fuse explained - sample

4. Fuse annual consent form - sample

6. Fuse annual programme example - sample

10. Fuse positive behaviour chart - sample

10. Fuse Serve - sample