What can ministry look like?

As we look to enable the bubbling up of shared local ministries across the diocese, what can that look like in practice?

Watch the videos below to hear what ministry means to these individuals from around the diocese. You can find them all on the Enabling Ministries playlist on our YouTube channel.

Tracey Richbell, Village Chaplain, “I was this person that sat at the back of the church to now being this person at the front, in the community, wandering around doing God’s work. That is a real surprise to me.”


Tracey Staples, "It seems I was pulled into this direction and I love it. I am sure it is where I am supposed to be. Inside you know if you are being pulled to something. Don't underestimate the power of God calling you. You will feel you have done the right thing."


Jason Organ, Hospital Chaplain, "It is really good to talk to people from your own faith group, from your own church and people who are not from your faith group and church to help discern what your ministry might be."


Buff Powell, Reader, "I have found the training extremely good and in the parish I have had nothing but support. If people want a recognised ministry within the Church of England it is a very good one to go for."


Belinda Thomas, Coordinator of Prayer in Bath, "It's a question of listening to what God is calling each of us to do and see what passion He lights in us. For me it was one of unity, of Bath and of prayer and so all of these came together in this."