How to become an LWA

Who can become a Lay Worship Assistant?

If you are:

  • prayerful
  • God-focused
  • willing to do the preparation necessary for leading worship, including studying the Bible
  • willing to stand up in front of people and yet not make yourself the centre of attention
  • audible
  • authentic
  • prepared to learn to use any relevant technology

this may be a ministry for you to explore.  Download the leaflet below for more information

All sorts of people from all backgrounds and walks of life are called by God to be LWAs. It is a voluntary role and is usually part-time. LWAs are expected to commit regular time to the role, but it is flexible and fluid to suit an individual’s circumstances. This is a ministry on behalf of the church and so you will operate under the guidance of the incumbent. This may involve becoming familiar with styles of worship that are not natural to you but are of benefit to your worshipping  community.

How can I become an LWA?

Working out your calling is about listening attentively to God and reflecting with others. If you feel called to this ministry, talk to your local clergy. We want LWAs to feel properly equipped for this important role, so the first step is to attend an eight week Exploring Worship course. Clergy and readers run this course at a Deanery level, so your incumbent will need to work with the Deanery to enable you to attend a local course.

Not every one who does the course will decide to go on to become an LWA. You and your incumbent will need to agree, at the end of the course, that the ministry is correct for you and you will need to do an assessed service. Safeguarding training will need to follow and you will require a DBS safeguarding check. Finally, you and your minister will create a ministry specification. You will then receive a commendation from the Bishop for the role which last 5 years or until you change church or a new incumbent is appointed. At that stage you will need to agree together whether the ministry will continue in the new circumstances.

Who to contact

Jill Perrett, Lay Ministries Enabler

Leonie Jones, Lay Ministries Administrator


What is an LWA? Leaflet

LWA ministry specification

New LWA application form

Data protection form - non clergy

Confidential declaration with GDPR

LWA Worship Service Feedback Form

LWA sample reference request