Thinking of appointing a pioneer?

Have you identified a “pioneer-shaped” hole where the church is struggling to engage with particular communities? Not sure what to do next?  Help is at hand!

The guidance pack below has been developed to help groups who are thinking about appointing a pioneer. The aim is to help you think through some of the questions you may have, avoid some common pitfalls and find the most appropriate person for the work you want them to do.

Once ideas have begun to form, share them with a PCC or the Deanery Mission and Pastoral Group to gain wider approval and find out if there are other proposals in your area or priorities that are more urgent.  If there is a prayerful consensus around a particular idea and a sense it is God’s initiative, contact Revd Tina Hodgett. Tina will join the conversation to build understanding of pioneer work, advise you of next steps, and if appropriate, help you prepare the ground to submit a proposal to the panel.

Who to contact

Revd Tina Hodgett, Evangelism and Pioneer Team Leader


Pioneer leaflet