Growing Faith

Growing Faith promotes a partnership between church, school and household to enable discovery, exploration and growth of faith for all.

Growing Faith, fully aligned with the Church of England’s vision for the 2020’s, is about creating, or strengthening, pathways between churches, schools and households; between generations. We have noticed, in particular during the pandemic, how important inter-generational connections are for a community. There is so much to be gained, individually and in community, from the sharing of energy and experience, enthusiasm and questions.  

There are many different contexts and communities across our diocese and yet each one will include children, young people or households in some way. In every context there will be overlaps where church, school or households connect. It is in these overlaps where pathways can be formed, connections made, relationships developed. Through Growing Faith, we want to celebrate and share examples where this works well. We also want to offer support or resources to encourage local, contextually relevant, responses that will help you to identify opportunities and create pathways too. Many connections and pathways are already there, we simply need to be encouraged and equipped to step on to them.

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