Enabling Ministries

Church. What we are and what we could be…

As we seek to enable a wide variety of ministries across the diocese, in 2022 church communities across the diocese are being asked to engage in discussion about ‘Church – what we are and what we could be…’.

The Enabling Ministries work follows the publication of the Deployment Report in March 2020, which looked at the future shape of ministry across Somerset and also recognises the impact the Covid pandemic has had on the Church and the future impact on the deployment of clergy and church ministry.

Bishop Ruth says, “We have already done a lot of reflection on what it means to be Church. Over the next few years, we shall continue to put that thinking, praying, listening and planning into practice. We will be building on what is already good among us and developing new ideas and ways of organising our life together.”

Some churches and communities may already be having conversations about the shape of future ministry where they are, but for those who are not there is a range of resources and support available should they wish to use them.

The resources are designed to help start the conversations in the hope that the ‘bubbling up’ of ministries in the widest possible sense, both church-focused and in the wider community, can be encouraged across the diocese, with the goal that more of the people of God can share in ministries in ways that release their gifts rather than overburdening the few.

The resources are mainly aimed at people already part of the Christian community and provide a way for them to consider what it means to be church now and what it might mean in the future.

Who to contact

Charlie Peer, Head of Mission Support and Ministry Development

Julia Hill, Head of Deanery & Parish Support