Sustainable lifestyle

As Christians, our life choices are direct responses to God’s call to us to steward the resources He has given us but becoming sustainable doesn’t happen over-night!  Here are some simple steps that are ‘easy wins’ to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce waste and energy, alongside some which require a bit more dedication and prayer:

10 Pledges for Creation

Use this list as a simple, printable resource to get individuals/house groups/church communities to begin discussing their options and commitments to being carbon-neutral:

  1. I pledge to have at least one ‘meat free’ day per week.
  2. I pledge to switch to green energy.
  3. I pledge to switch off lights and appliances when not in use.
  4. I pledge to offset my carbon emissions.
  5. I pledge to reduce my car travel.
  6. I pledge to recycle more.
  7. I pledge to encourage my friends and family to reduce their carbon footprint too.
  8. I pledge to seek out and use local producers and suppliers to reduce my food miles.
  9. I pledge to write to my MP to encourage them to support climate change mitigation.
  10. I pledge to eat more seasonal foods.

Become an ‘Environmental Champion’

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Events and training

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Who to contact

Sara Emmett, Interim Diocesan Environment Officer


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