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"Deaneries are a vital element in the functioning of the diocese: they have a part to play in the decision-making structures, and they are also crucial in helping us understand both the richness and the challenges that exist across the diocese.” Bishop Ruth

The Diocese of Bath and Wells has 18 deaneries, within the three archdeaconries of Bath, Taunton and Wells. Deaneries differ in size, but most are made of around 20 to 30 parishes grouped together in benefices. Deaneries and their synods have an important role in representing parishes and in shaping the mission of the Church of England.

Work to realise the diocesan vision and put mission and evangelism at the heart of everything we do has seen the role of our deaneries grow and evolve. Each deanery has taken responsibility for local planning which aims encourage growth and discipleship in the local area and makes proposals on strategic matters such as ministry resources and pastoral reorganisation.

Below there are some resources for you to access directly. Each archdeaconry also has a designated Deanery and Parish Development Adviser to support deaneries in their work, so don't hesitate to make use of them. Where there is more than one person listed it is because the staff listed are part time, not full time.

Each deanery also has a Deanery Accompanier from diocesan Support Services.

Church. What we are and what we could be...

In autumn 2021 deaneries were asked to engaged with the Enabling Ministries resources, 'Church. What we are and what we could be...'. Throughout 2022, communities across the diocese are being encouraged to have conversations about Church, as we seek to enable the flourishing of a range of ministries across the diocese. Go to the Enabling Ministries website section to find all the resources you need to help your deanery communities engage with this conversation, including details of our monthly sessions to discuss how best to use the Enabling Ministries resources in your context.

Parish Dashboards & Parish Spotlights

Parish Dashboards

Parish Dashboards have been produced by the Church of England Research and Statistics Unit to provide a useful source of information and be a clear picture of the reported patterns of activity in parishes and links to relevant government information at parish level. It does not reflect everything a church does, but it is hoped that by displaying information clearly and consistently the information can inform the decisions that churches make about their mission and ministry.

The Parish Dashboards are available to download in the website's Documents Library.

Parish Spotlights

Parish spotlights are individual documents, one for each Church of England parish, which show a summary of the 2011 Census data from the population in that parish. They have been produced by the Research and Statistics Division of the Archbishop’s Council.

Each document offers a wealth of demographic information and includes details such as Christian affiliation, population age and ethnicity profiles, household structures, deprivation, employment, schools and qualifications, alongside church statistics such as attendance and giving.

Should you wish to get hold of a copy of your Parish Spotlight, please speak to your Deanery and Parish Development Adviser.

How to use your parish spotlight

The spotlight is a starting point for prayer, discussion and action, particularly if you are thinking about parish mission planning. It will help you create a picture of where you are now and what your community is like.

Questions are included on each page to help you consider the information and what this might mean for your church. There are also some bigger questions about what to do next at the end of each spotlight.

Information and queries

At the end of the spotlight there is information about where this data comes from and how it was calculated. If you have any further queries, please email the Church of England Research and Statistics team.

Who to contact

Julia Hill, Head of Deanery and Parish Support

Charlie Peer, Head of Mission Support and Ministry Development