New treasurers

Handover of the finances from the previous Treasurer

See our Change of PCC Treasurer or Incumbent checklist.

Treasurer Task Breakdown

We have produced a list of tasks to be done weekly, regularly or at certain times during the year.

Key Dates

31 December - Financial Year end

by 31 January - Statistics for Mission due

by 30 April - Annual Report & Accounts, including Independent Examiner’s Statement, to be approved by PCC & presented to APCM

by 31 May - Annual Report & Accounts to be filed and Finance Return due

Details of returns due and how to submit them may be found on our Accounting & Returns web page.


Ensure a budget is prepared.

Understand how your PCC operates

Resources List

  • PCC Accountability: all charities which prepare accruals accounts are required to follow one of two charity Statements Of Recommended Practice (SORP).
  • National church’s Parish Resources website for parish officers, which includes sections on Parish Finance, Gift Aid and Giving.
  • The Association of Church Accountants & Treasurers (ACAT) has produced a New Treasurers’ Guide (downloadable from the Parish Resources website).

Training available

Treasurers’ News

This is circulated about three times a year to all treasurers, with information and updates to support you in your role. Recent issues can also be downloaded from our Treasurers webpage.

Key contacts

Members of the Finance and Parish Resources & Development teams are here to assist you, so please get in touch if we can help.