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The Bath and Wells podcast Pioneering Plus features conversations exploring the places where God already is, and the church may not yet be! There are conversations about what it means to be pioneering, and how God is leading us all in new and exciting directions.

Talking Pioneering is one of the series. It is hosted by Andrew Alden, a Pioneer Minister in Frome Deanery. Andrew, who describes himself as an experienced church minister, but a less experienced pioneer, hears from other pioneers about their experiences. He discusses the difficulties and the joys of pioneering in different places and different contexts. In each episode, Andrew talks to people exploring pioneer mission and discusses ways it is expressed and practiced by different people, each with a different approach.

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Andrew talks with Hedgerow Chaplain, Steven Wort

In this month's episode of Talking Pioneering Andrew talks to Milverton Hedgerow Chaplain, Steven Wort. Andrew chats to Steven about his role, one of the first of its kind in the country. Steven discusses what he calls, 'a new and fresh air approach to church.' He tells Andrew that new and regular church visitors find it a natural way to communicate with God in the open air; 'being and feeling a real part of his natural creation.'


Andrew talks with Caroline Deakin

This month Andrew talks to Caroline Deakin who is based at St Peter's Church in Milton, Weston-super-Mare. They discuss being a revitalising church plant and Caroline's hopes for St Peter's and she shares with Andrew some of the things that have already begun to take shape. As with all his guests, Andrew asks Caroline for her one top tip on pioneering, to share a book recommendation and a piece of music. Listen to find out what Caroline's suggestions are.


Andrew talks with Gill Sakakini

Gill is a Pioneer Priest in the Arts in Shepton Mallet. She is a painter, works in community engagement, leads retreats and workshops and speaks and writes on topics relating to Christianity and the Arts. She is co-author of Imaging the Story: Rediscovering the Visual and Poetic Contours of Salvation.


Andrew talks with Gavin Parry from Weston-super-Mare

Gavin heads up a movement called Believers in Recovery, something which seeks to bridge the gap between followers of the Lord Jesus and those in recovery from addiction.Gavin talks about his own journey and struggles, and shares with Andrew how Believers in Recovery came about and how it has grown.


Andrew talks with Olivia Shone

Olivia, who is from Bath, has a degree in theology and is also a qualified yoga instructor. Olivia says she "looks to see the divine in everything and encourages a healthy, body, mind and soul." Join Andrew and Olivia as they chat about all things pioneering and more.



Who to contact

Richard Priestley or Mandy Priestley, New Christian Communities Development Leads

Revd Andrew Alden, Pioneer Minister, Frome (Deanery), email:


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