Church buildings and churchyards

There are 564 open church buildings in our Diocese, each represents the lives of thousands of people who have worshipped, celebrated and mourned there. Many are historic listed buildings; their care and maintenance can be one of the greatest challenges that congregations face.

Church Buildings are sacred and holy spaces, which should be open and accessible to people from all walks of life; they are spaces where people expect to experience the Christian faith and to have an encounter with God. Many parishes are looking for ways of increasing the use of their church buildings, to respond to changing times and in response to new forms of mission. Each church and parish is unique, and if you have aspirations to better use your church building for mission in your community, the chances are there are already resources out there to help you but finding them isn’t easy – and nor is knowing where to start.

This challenge is not faced alone.

Emma Brown, Church Buildings Adviser is able to provide expertise on the use, maintenance, adaptation and development of church buildings as places of worship, mission and growth and on any changes needed to ensure their suitability for worship and mission.

The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC) offers advice regarding proposed works to church buildings and churchyards, and helps congregations through the application process for gaining a faculty. It calls upon a range of experts and consultants who offer their skills on a voluntary basis.

This section covers a range of topics with resources relating to church buildings and churchyards. Information and resources can also be found on the Church of England’s Churchcare website.

Who to contact

Emma Brown, Church Buildings Adviser