New Christian communities

New Christian Communities seek to serve those who don’t currently engage with a church community. They are different from what currently exists and meet regularly, at least once a month. A New Christian Community is a place where people are able to worship God and learn about following Jesus in their life in a context they relate to. 

A New Christian Community or Fresh Expression of Church is therefore different to an activity that aims to grow an existing congregation or community. It is important to say that this does not negate the importance of such mission activity but acknowledges the need for new ways to connect and serve people outside the existing church. 

Many New Christian Communities or Fresh Expressions of Church are led by lay leaders supported by ordained ministers in a parish. 

A New Christian Community may meet where people already meet each other or in an existing church building, the venue is not the priority, it must work for the people gathering. 

Not sure if you are involved with a New Christian Community or Fresh Expression of Church? This flow chart, which you can download below, may help you:

NCC FX flow chart

Who to contact

Richard Priestley or Mandy Priestley, New Christian Communities Development Leads


New Christian Community or Fresh Expression of Church flow chart

What is a New Christian Community / Fresh Expression of Church?


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