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On this page you will find the latest information, advice and support for giving. If you are looking for the latest information on grants available, please visit our Grant Funding Latest webpage.

Generosity Week: Discover the joy of generosityGenerosity Week

The National Giving Team has developed an exciting set of new resources, The Generosity Week, to help us develop a better understanding and appreciation of God's generosity and to inspire us to lead more generous lives. You can find all the latest on these resources on our Generosity Week page.

Online giving: Sum Up offer – 0% transaction charges

To help your church get started with online giving, SumUp is offering Parish Buying members who sign up the first three months (up to £500) free of transaction charges.  Transactions can be made via a contactless unit or via the Give A Little online giving platform. The offer is only available to registered Parish Buying members who sign up as a new user to SumUp using this link.

Stewardship Dial-in for Trustees & Treasurers

Stewardship: Trustee and Treasurer Quarterly Dial-in - 9 June 2022

On Thursday 9 June at 1.00 pm, Stewardship is hosting one of its free regular lunchtime dial-ins. 

During this 1 hour webinar; resident and guest experts will be discussing the issues currently facing churches and Christian charities, looking at:-

  • The Ukraine Crisis; generosity, wisdom, and the church 
  • What you may have forgotten about Gift Aid declarations 
  • Giving confidence to your supporters. 
  • Receiving funds from overseas. 
  • Giving to overseas ministries. 

For more information and to register to join the webinar, Visit the Stewardship website.

Watch a recording of the dial in of 21 October 2021, covering: New Health & Social Care Levy; Pay and benefits for ministers – areas to be careful ; Employing staff from other countries; What you may have forgotten about Gift Aid declarations; Selection & development of trustees for your Christian charity; Charity Commission updated guidance on Managing Faith Charities as Trustees.

Watch a recording of the dial-in of 24 June 2021 and download the slides, covering: backdating donations to previous tax years for Gift Aid; Gift Aid on lo an waivers; changes to law for churches; Companies House new signature requirements., 

Watch a recording of the dial-in of 4 February 2021 and download the slides, covering: Update to the Exception Regulations for churches; Risk management and how to assess risk in churches and charities; Updates from the Charity Commission; Reserves – holding too much or too little; Charity fraud.

Sign up to Stewardship’s Dial-in & training events

Webinars and talks on Generosity, Giving & Fundraising

Running a Successful Generosity Fika

A Fika is a half day programme, for small groups to explore God's generosity to us, Biblical generosity and generosity around the world. Through short films, reflections and discussion we can be inspired and encouraged to live more generous lives. Fikas can be an enormously effective way of developing a generous culture within your church.  Watch the National Giving Team's video on How to run a successful Generosity Fika.

Receiving Online Donations

You can still watch the Receiving Online Donations webinar  recorded in May 2020, covering setting up and receiving online donations, encouraging online donations and communicating with your community.

Ecclesiastical: Top tips to continue fundraising for your church during COVID-19 and beyond

Ecclesicatical Insurance Group has recorded a church fundraising webinar including lots of tips and advice for churches, along with other webinars on fundraising.

A new resource for Clergy & Readers & others teaching about Gjving & Generosity:
Generosity Learning Hub

Generosity is at the heart of our faith, and as we grow a generous culture we grow our ministry and mission. The national giving team has launched a new resource for learning and preaching & teaching about generosity, for all traditions and in all settings, the Generosity Learning Hub. We hope these resources will enable you and your church to grow in an understanding and awareness of God’s incredible generosity to us and how we can live generous lives in response. Sign up for the Generosity Learning hub.

Farewill Legacy project

Leaving a gift in your Will to your local church is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can continue to support its mission and ministry in your community. Making a Will and keeping it updated is the only way to make sure your wishes are carried out after your death, giving you peace of mind that you can continue to support the family, friends and charities you love.

This autumn, the Church of England has partnered with Farewill, the National Will Writing Firm of the Year 2020, to offer an online Will writing service, which you can do from the comfort of your home in less than 30 minutes. Farewill’s specialist team are available to help you over the phone or live chat 7 days a week, 9.00 am – 7.00 pm. There are a limited number of free Wills available on a first-come-first served basis.

If you decide to include a gift in your Will to your church, your gift - great or small - will make a real difference to your church’s life for future generations.

Find out more about the Farewill offer on the Parish Buying website.

Giving by card & contactless

As many people no longer carry cash, the national church has been exploring ways for churches to offer card/contactless. A number of devices are available through Parish Buying at discounted rates, which you can view if you register with Parish Buying.  Contactless/card giving does not replace regular donations by Standing Order or regular envelopes. It is an additional option for one-off gifts, visitors, wedding guests, etc, as well as marriage banns, hall hire fees, etc. Cash giving typically stays level but churches receive additional gifts. A guide to some of the card readers available with guidance for parishes, plus a price comparison document, are downloadable below.

The GBx Mini Stand bundle includes the GBx Mini suitable for over-the-phone donations plus Chip & Pin and contactless plus accessories for touch-free giving – GBx Mini stand, spare battery and security lock for safe unattended fundraising. Cost: £150 for Parish Buying members.

The GoodPlate bundle includes a GBx Mini in a brass collection plate, spare battery and custom display stand for no-touch giving.  Cost: £200 for Parish Buying members.

Gift Aid plus an important update on GASDS (Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme)

HMRC has confirmed that multiple small donations handed over together are still eligible for the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) even if the total is over £30 and this will continue into the future – as long as the charity or church official is satisfied the money is from separate small donations.

HMRC confirmed in January 2021 that this is still acceptable; it was not unique to the pandemic and it was also not a concession; provided the treasurer was satisfied that the pile of cash received was multiple small donations which happened to be in one envelope, then they could claim GASDS subject to the normal rules.  The cap on eligible cash and contactless donations remains at £8,000.

So if a church member puts £200 cash in an envelope and marks it as 10 weeks of £20 weekly donations for the occasions where they have not been able to make a regular cash offering, HMRC would be happy for the church to regard them as eligible donations under GASDS. 10 separate envelopes with up to £30 in each could also be included where these are clearly separate donations.

The Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme enables churches to claim under either the main top-up amount (for single church parishes) or under the community buildings amount for each church (for parishes with more than one church). The threshold is £8,000 of eligible donations per year.

With effect from 6 April 2019, donations of up to and including £30 (up from £20 prior to this date) can be claimed under the GASDS, which brings it in line with the maximum Contactless amount, so all Contactless donations can be included from this date. Note that any donations made using Chip and Pin up to £30 and over are not eligible for GASDS but can be included in Gift Aid if eligible.

Churches and charities are strongly encouraged to use full forenames on Gift Aid Declarations, because HMRC is looking to see an improvement in the number of claims including full forenames to help with their eligibility checks.

A Gift Aid Guide may be downloaded from our Gift Aid page giving detailed information about how to run Gift Aid and the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme and make claims.

Gift Aid on waived refunds and loan repayments

Charities can now claim Gift Aid on waived refunds or loan payments. Temporary concessions allowing charities to claim Gift Aid when supporters waived repayments for cancelled events have now been made permanent by HMRC.

HMRC will consider donations made from a waiver of a right to either a refund or loan repayment to be eligible for Gift Aid. This is provided there is a record of a formal waiver held by the charity and all other Gift Aid rules are met.  The donation will be considered to have been made at the date of the waiver and not the date of the original payment. A Gift Aid declaration will need to be collected by the charity if one is not already held for the donor.

Charities must explain the options available to donors and that individuals must positively choose to waive their right. For small amounts, eg cancelled event ticket refunds, HMRC requires an auditable record of correspondence, eg emails. For larger amounts such as loan repayments, HMRC requires a legally enforceable document.

See HMRC guidance on claiming Gift Aid on Waived Refunds & Loan Repayments

Certifying your church as an excepted charity

When applying for grant funding and setting up new online giving accounts, churches will often be asked to provide evidence of their charitable status (i.e. a registered charity number).  Most churches are “Excepted Charities” and are therefore not registered with the Charity Commission. In order to provide such evidence churches can now download a PDF that includes their name, address and church code. This PDF, which is an extract from the Church of England’s database of churches, can serve as a certificate for churches requiring proof of their charity status when making applications. The certificate is available in the “More Information” section of your church’s page on A Church Near You.

Giving and Funding News

For treasurers, planned giving promoters, Gift Aid secretaries, clergy and others. Download the most recent newsletter plus past issues below.

Giving Study Sheets

A series of sheets suitable for home groups to prompt discussion around giving may be found on our Talks, sermons and study sheets page.

Honorary Stewardship Advisers

We are looking for volunteers to join our team of Honorary Stewardship Advisers to work with parishes to help them encourage generous giving to our churches. An outline of the role description is downloadable from the bottom of this page. Contact Gary to find out more.

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