Grant funding for churches

If your church needs to source grant funding to help pay for building repairs/improvements or missional revenue costs (such as staff salaries, materials, room hire or equipment..) this tool will help provide you with a list of potential grant funders suitable for your project.

Each list will include trusts and other funders who should generally fit with the answers you provide. However, there is not an exact ‘one size fits all’ solution to identifying the best funders as churches don’t always offer the same type of events and activities, but those included on the list should be a good starting point.

To begin to use this tool you need to have a good idea how much your project is likely to cost (this could be based on architects estimates but contractor’s estimates may be more accurate) and how much you need to source from grant funding. The lists generated by this tool are compiled to be as efficient with your time as possible so you don’t have to trawl endlessly through generic funder information and so takes into account the value of grants needed.

To start please select which type of funding you require:



Revenue costs

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