Exploring ministries

God is calling you! Jesus calls everyone to come and follow him.

He gives each of us a unique set of talents, gifts and skills and asks us to use them in lives of prayer, service and mission.

For many people their Christian calling will be lived out in their home, work and leisure activities. If this is you, then you may want to explore how you can live your Christian calling more deeply. There are lots of resources to help you do that which you can use alone in your home.

Other people may find themselves wondering if there is a particular ministry through which they might offer their energy, experience and expertise. You can find information on a range of different ministries in this section.

Or you can get in touch with the Vocations team to arrange a conversation with one of our Chaplains for Discerning Calling.

Everyday Calling

God calls everyone. Why don't you explore how He might be calling you?

Championing diversity

As a diocese we are actively working to achieve greater UK Minority Ethnic (UKME) representation within the Church of England here in Somerset.  Find out more.


Mentor Directory

Find out about the Church of England's Mentor Directory.

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