God calls... everyone, everywhere

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Sometimes, even in church, it can feel as if God only calls ’special people’. 

But God calls us all, because God created us, knows us, and loves us. 

We are all called daily to live lives that are true to our Christian faith. God also calls us at times in our life to particular roles - which sounds tidy but is often pretty messy! Often those calls are something we take up for a season only. Sometimes they are for the rest of our lives. 

Other resources

  • There are some downloadable leaflets at the bottom of the page, which you may find helpful.
  • There are some theological reflections about calling that you may like to read available to download below.
  • The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) have a film series in which people share their stories of God at work through ordinary Christians in everyday places. You may like to look at the supporting resources to help you reflect further.

Who to contact 

Chat to your local church leaders or get in touch with the Vocations Team who can connect you to a Discerning Calling Mentor - Email: vocations@bathwells.anglican.org.

Contact your archdeaconry Go Team advisers for Growing Faith and Everyday Faith.


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Theological reflections on calling

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