Download October's Manna mailing below

Manna has now changed to a monthly mailing format rather than a quarterly magazine from the diocese. The mailing will be issued monthly and will be available to download here on or around the first of the month. If you would like to receive the Manna mailing by email at the beginning of the month you can sign up on our Newsletter Sign Up page.

The mailing will also be issued to our Parish Magazine Editors along with the Bishop’s message and prayer calendar in a choice of formats ahead of the start of the month in order to allow them to share in the most appropriate way with their communities.

Past issues of the Manna magazine remain available on-line. Simply go to our Issuu page.

Who to contact

Louise Willmot, Communications and Engagement Officer


Manna mailing October 21 - Accessible Word version

Manna mailing October 21 - A5 PDF (pages)

Manna mailing October 21 - A4 PDF (pages)


Manna mailing September 21 - Accessible Word version

Manna mailing September 21 - A5 PDF (pages)

Manna mailing September 21 - A4 PDF (pages)