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“What I like most about the Zambia-Bath and Wells Link is the life of Prayer. It gives me a lot of joy knowing that there are friends across the waters who pray for us and we pray for them. Depicting one humanity despite our different cultures.” Bishop William Eastern Diocese.

Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Central Africa, three times the size of the UK with a population of 16.5 million.

Bath and Wells has enjoyed a Companion Link with the Anglican Church in Zambia since 1978. Praying for each other, learning from each other, challenging each other and meeting each other. Exchange visits, parish links and personal contact have strengthened the chain of prayer and fellowship.

The Church in Zambia

Zambia is a predominantly Christian country, Anglicans make up around 2% of the population. The five dioceses each cover an area at least the size of England. There are around 60 ordained priests. Some care for more than one parish, and one parish includes many congregations. A congregation in Zambia more or less equals what we would call a parish. New congregations are being planted all the time, in both urban and rural areas.

Laity contribute immensely to the life of the church in Zambia. Most parishes have several readers. Many readers take extended communion, lead prayers, take baptisms in emergencies, preach, undertake pastoral care and take many of the funerals.

“We are all one in the body of Christ.” Bishop Robert of Lupaula Diocese


Rt Revd Derek Kamukwamba

A message to all in Bath and Wells

Zambia Link Newsletter

The newsletter is published quarterly, including news from Zambia and the UK, articles, reviews, events and stories.

You can find the latest edition and past copies of the newsletter on the diocesan website. You can also subscribe to the newsletter.

Zambia parish links

The five Zambian dioceses each cover an area at least the size of England and all of them have parishes with links to parishes in Bath and Wells.

  • Lusaka Diocese covers the south of the country from the capital Lusaka, through the agricultural area around Mazabuka to Livingstone, near the Victoria Falls.  The Cathedral is in Lusaka.
  • Northern Diocese covers the north-west area, including the Copperbelt towns of Chingola, Mufilira and Kitwe, where the Anglican Seminary of St John the Evangelist is situated. The Cathedral is in Kitwe.
  • Central Diocese includes Kabwe and Ndola in the Copperbelt and Mkushi on the Great North Road. The Cathedral is in Ndola.
  • Eastern Diocese includes Chipata, near the Malawi border, the Luangwa Valley, and the joint Anglican- RC St Francis Hospital at Katete. The Cathedral is in Msoro.
  • Luapula Diocese is in the area to the north of the Congo Pedicle. Mansa and Kasama are the main towns. The Cathedral is in Chipili.

Who to contact

Annabel Capel, Zambia Programme Coordinator


Appraisal of the Zambia Link - 2015

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