Reader licence and Annual Reader Review

Renewing your licence

Reader licences from the Bishop last for five years. So, in your fifth year, you need to prepare for your renewal by

  • checking you have an up to date Diocesan DBS
  • ensuring that you have done Leadership (previous known as C2) Safeguarding training in the last 3 years
  • revising your Ministry Specification so that it accurately reflects your ministry. Please adapt the Ministry Specification Template.
  • undertaking a more detailed review of your Reader Ministry with your incumbent (or Area dean in a vacancy). This can replace the new year review but let your Archdeaconry Warden know and still do the Stats form. A Summary needs to be sent with your renewal.
  • asking the PCC for a resolution confirming your renewal

These documents should be sent with your current licence to the Warden of Readers before it expires. More details are available on p.20 of the Reader Handbook. The Warden of Readers will send you a reminder at the start of the year. We are standardising licence dates and so your new licence will go to the start of October

Note: the diocese no longer issues new Permission to Officiate licences (PTO). Your licence gets renewed until such time as you, or your incumbent, feels that it is time to become a Reader Emeritus.

Annual Reader Review

Readers have a licenced ministry delegated to them by the Bishop of Bath and Wells. The responsibilities of such a licence include completing an annual self-evaluation review with their incumbent. In addition, an annual statistical return gives the Diocese and National Church an overview of the ministries being carried out. The Warden of Readers provides the form in early December. As well, there is opportunity to reflect on support needed and development goals for the next year. It also ensures that the Reader and their incumbent have a chance to reflect on the state of their collaborative working relationship. Following the incumbent’s meeting, the review is shared with the Archdeaconry Warden of Readers to ensure proper support is given.

Click here for a summary of the current Statistics.