Whether you are an evangelist looking to find out more or just want to know what its all about, Faith Sharing Enabler Andy Gray explains all.

Faith Sharing Fire Starter matches

What is an evangelist?

Find out what and evangelist is and what makes them different.


Talking Jesus course

Would you like to be more confident in sharing your faith? Find out about the six-week Talking Jesus course in Somerset.


Faith Sharing Firestarters

Let's 'start a fire' of faith-sharing enthusiasm together.


Training for evangelists

Find out what training opportunities are available for evangelists, or simply those who are exploring evangelism.


Faith sharing stories

If you are interested in sharing your faith, but are not sure how, read Andy Gray's faith sharing stories.


Have you listened to our Pioneering Plus podcast

Listen in for conversations about exploring the places where God is and the church may not yet be!