Handling of PCC funds

These guidelines are based on the requirements of the Charities Act 2011.

Parochial Church Councils are well advised to ensure that they have proper systems in place for the signing of cheques, the counting of collections (including the opening of planned giving envelopes and Gift Aid envelopes) and prompt payment into the bank. For further Gift Aid guidance visit the Christian Giving and Funding area of the website.

The recommendations on these pages have been prepared for the guidance of PCCs, Parish Treasurers and Independent Examiners/Auditors. The recommendations are a guide to best practice. The intention is to protect those who handle the finances of the Church from any accusation of the misuse or misappropriation of money. Its aim is not to question the honesty or integrity of anyone, or imply any lack of trust.


  • Separation of Duties – as far as is practicable, checks should be built into all financial procedures through the involvement of people other than the Treasurer. 
  • Openness – the PCC should receive regular financial reports and should be encouraged to verify them against the service book records and published accounts of fetes, etc.
  • Audit Trail – all transactions should be supported by documents and authorised by multiple individuals. In a larger parish, these should be authorised independently of the treasurer.


The Finance Team



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