Anna Chaplaincy in Bath and Wells

Commissioning of Wendy Haslam (third from left) as Anna ChaplainPictured: Wendy Haslam (third from left) is commissioned as Anna Chaplain and Honorary Anna Chaplaincy Lead in Bath and Wells

Anna Chaplaincy is named after the widow, Anna, who appears with Simeon in Luke’s gospel; both are good role models of faithful older people. It is an accompanying, person-centred ministry of spiritual care for older people of all faiths, cultures, spiritualities and contexts, and for their families and carers. Anna Chaplaincy also offers advocacy for older people within church and community. Anna Chaplaincy works with people living independently in their own homes, in sheltered housing and retirement complexes and in residential and nursing homes. The ministry is founded in prayer.

Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends may be members of any Christian denomination. They may be lay or ordained, paid or honorary. They must be recognised by their churches as having the necessary qualities and training for Anna Chaplaincy ministry. All Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends have a ministry specification which includes details of their line management and supervision from the local church. They are safely recruited, hold an enhanced DBS and are trained in safeguarding.  

Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends become members of the Anna Chaplaincy network, nationally and within the Diocese of Bath and Wells. Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends who serve under the licence held by the Diocese of Bath and Wells are commissioned for five years. This may be renewed by mutual agreement. Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends and their churches will, at all times, serve within the principles, guidelines and ethos of Anna Chaplaincy.

The Anna Chaplaincy Handbook, and many other resources, are available to view on the Anna Chaplaincy website. 

Anna Chaplaincy in your local church and community

If you are interested in establishing Anna Chaplaincy in your local community we suggest that you:

  • Pray
  • Discern who might be the Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends. You can start with one person, although a small team is ideal. You could talk with your Christians Together Group and other local parishes

Once you have determined that Anna Chaplaincy for you, the process is very straightforward. Download our guide to Anna Chaplaincy below which will provide more information on the steps to take:

  • A safer-recruitment process, a DBS and safeguarding training
  • Anna Chaplaincy training
  • A Ministry Specification
  • Signing a sub-licence agreement with the Diocese of Bath and Wells [a lead licensee with Anna Chaplaincy] (You can also sign a direct licence with Anna Chaplaincy)
  • Commissioning your Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends

The Anna Chaplaincy Prayer

Faithful God, you have promised in Christ to be with us to the end of time. 
Come close to those who have lived long and experienced much. 
Help them to continue to be faithful and, within the all-age kingdom of God, 
to find ways to go on giving and receiving your grace, day by day. 
For your glory and your kingdom.


Setting up your Anna Chaplaincy in Bath and Wells

Who to contact

If you have any questions, please email Wendy Haslam, Anna Chaplaincy Lead or visit the Anna Chaplaincy website to find out more.

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