Electoral Roll

The Church Representation Rules require that every Parochial Church Council maintains an electoral roll. Electoral Rolls need to be revised annually.

Once in every six years, the preparation of new church electoral rolls takes place, which means that everyone must come off the roll and re-apply. The next occasion for the preparation of new rolls is in 2025.

An Electoral Roll Officer should be appointed, whose role is to keep the roll-up to date by making additions and removals from time to time.

The national church has published the following guidance:

“As a response to the numerous queries we have had about the electoral roll and GDPR, we have produced a privacy notice and additional guidance. This is all online now on the Parish Resources website.”

Follow the links to the Parish Resources website to find out more about:

If you have any queries about this process, please contact Peter Evans.

A new version of Church Representation Rules has been published to take effect from 1 January 2020. Find the new rules on the national church website.

The new rules include the following changes with regard to the revision of the church electoral roll and preparation of a new roll:

  • Names no longer need to be removed from the roll during the course of the year; they only need to be added.
  • Names are still removed, as appropriate, at the annual revision.
  • The Electoral Roll may be published electronically instead of in paper form.
  • The roll as published must include every name entered on the roll but not other personal data (e.g. addresses).
  • There is a new application form and a new notice of revision of the electoral roll. These can be downloaded below.

For further details visit the Parish Resources website.

Who to contact

Peter Evans, Assistant Diocesan Secretary


Electoral Roll certificate


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