Self-supporting Ministry Advisers

Ordained Self-supporting Ministers (SSMs) play an exciting and increasingly key part within today’s church. The diocese has appointed three Self-Supporting Ministry Advisers (SSMAs), one within each Archdeaconry.

Their role is to offer support and encouragement to SSMs and in particular to:

  • hear the views of SSMs on their own experience of ministry
  • support and inform appropriate Diocesan Officers with responsibility for the deployment, development and pastoral care of SSMs
  • advise on the selection, training and development needs of SSMs
  • act as listeners and facilitators should any difficulties arise in an individual SSM’s ministry
  • promote theological reflection on self-supporting ministry within the Diocese
  • contribute to national research and conversations about self-supporting ministry

Who to contact

Revd Joy Hawes, SSMA for Wells Archdeaconry

Revd Andrew Hemming, SSMA for Bath Archdeaconry

Revd Simon Taylor, SSMA for Taunton Archdeaconry