Area Deans' Handbook

Area Deans, Assistant Area Deans and Lay Deans play key roles in the work of the diocese and in the mission of God. That work combines legal responsibilities, pastoral responsibility for those in their particular deanery and a strategic role in ministry and mission.

A deanery offers different opportunities for clergy and laity to support one another and to learn together. Working together effectively in the key roles entrusted to you is an example of the key strand of Changing Lives, that no one is alone, and is in itself a statement about the collaborative nature of ministry that the church often talks about, yet sometimes struggles to live out.

We are currently working on a new handbook for Area Deans. Whilst that is being developed, the former Rural Dean’s handbook which you can download below, sets out the responsibilities of Area Deans, Assistant Area Deans and Lay Deans- albeit with the old role titles – and deals with practicalities. You can also download the Constitution and Standing Orders of Deanery Synods which is another useful document.

Who to contact

Julia Hill, Head of Deanery and Parish Support

Charlie Peer, Head of Mission Support and Ministry Development


Area Dean Handbook

Consitituion and Standing Orders of Deanery Synods