Bringing light and hope to the whole village

8th December 2021
Carols rang out across Bleadon church yard as 180 metres of light decorating 25 Christmas trees were officially switched on. The project has brought the whole community together to celebrate Advent. It all began when the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Bleadon began thinking about how they could get their community involved in decorating the churchyard for Christmas. They decided to fill the churchyard with Christmas trees and ask local people if they would like to sponsor them. Within a week all 25 trees had been adopted. 
Revd Patrick Webb, Assistant Curate said, “Bleadon church is a very old building which is slap bang in the middle of the village, and everyone walks past it. We’ve been doing services outside and really trying to make it a community space. 
“We’ve had individuals who’ve sponsored a tree on behalf of a loved one who has passed away, we’ve had businesses sponsor them. Each one is unique, special, and wonderful in its own way. Everyone’s got involved and each tree has been decorated in a different way; for example the post office tree is covered in post box baubles with parcels around it. 
“It’s great that we’ve had so many people engaged in what we are trying to do. I get about a phone call a day from someone wanting to sponsor a tree. Sadly, I have to tell them they’ve all gone. We’ve also been inundated with messages thanking us for the lights, and from people saying how lovely it is to have something that really brings light and hope at this Advent season.”
Forest Church has recently started in Bleadon and when Christmas is over the trees will be composted on land close to St Peter and St Paul where Forest Church takes place.
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