Everyone, Everywhere Growing in Faith event for 2023

28th July 2022

From 29 January – 4 February 2023 we are going to explore what faith growth means and looks like as part of the Everyone,Everywhere Growing in Faith event. To find out more about what the week will involve and how you can join in we've asked Cheryl Govier, Growing Faith and Everyday Faith Adviser for Wells Archdeaconry to tell us more.

What is the Everyday Faith Event?

The Everyday Faith event was formerly known as Archdeaconry Days. The event takes place across a week, with various content, activities and opportunities for clergy and laity to come together to learn around a theme.

Why has the name changed?

The pandemic forced us to rethink Archdeaconry Day. In 2021 and 2022, Covid restrictions didn’t allowed us to gather people together for 3 big in person events. We, therefore, went online, used videos, and spread our days over a full week. As time has passed and following feedback, we realised that ‘The Archdeaconry Days’ had really become Everyday Faith events, so toreflect what is now taking place, we have changed the name.  

This year’s title is Everyone, Everywhere, Growing in Faith – why have you decided to focus on growing in faith?

The last two and a half years have been filled with significant challenge for individuals and church communities. As a result of the pandemic, many things have had to stop or they have paused. For some of us, it may have also felt like that where our faith is concerned, while for others, our faith has grown in this time. Growing in relationship with God is a vital and essential part of our Christian journey, so in 2023 we want to encourage and affirm people across the Diocese in the faith journey.  

What will we explore through the week?

We will be hinging all our content on the word ‘Growth’. Throughout the week, we will be unpacking the following:

  • Growth: what faith growth means and what it looks like
  • Rhythms: what rhythms sustain and help people grow in faith
  • Others: the impact of others on our faith journey
  • Word: how the Bible enables faith growth 
  • Together: how faith communities have grown together
  • Hope: being reminded of our hope in Christ and our hopes for our own faith journey

What resources will be available?

We will once again be producing daily video content featuring people of all ages from across the Diocese. There will be 6 weeks’ worth of small group material and youth group material. We are hoping to produce some Collective Worship material for schools and potentially another podcast. Other resources may emerge as time goes on, but these are our priority at the moment.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to know more and want to plan this into your local work and so want to know what the offer will be, then come along to one of our 45 minute autumn briefings where you can find out more and ask questions. Sign up for one of our autumn briefings. 

Throughout the week itself, we will be offering lots of opportunities for people to be involved. We will be live streaming a launch service, where we will be encouraging people to gather locally either as a family, small group, church, deanery or other to tune into an interactive opening time of worship.

We would love to see people using the small group materials, whether you have small groups or not, this is another way of joining in in 2023.

We will be hosting 3 in person gatherings in each Archdeaconry on Saturday, 4 February, so we would love you to get the date in your diary. 

If any of the themes mentioned above excite you, please do get in touch so we can look to feature you in our videos.

How can I find out more?

Check the Everyday Faith event web page which will be updated throughout the Autumn term:

Follow us on social media; Twitter and Facebook

Look out for regular details in mailings and communications

If you have any other questions please email Cheryl Govier