Lambeth Conference 2022

1st August 2022

Bishop Michael and Bishop Ruth are in Canterbury for the Lambeth Conference, a once-in-a-decade gathering of around 650 Anglican bishops from 150 countries. The bishops shared a retreat together before the work of the conference began. This year's theme is 'God’s Church for God’s World - walking, listening and witnessing together.' During the conference a number of topics will be discussed, including climate change, mission and evangelism, human dignity and science and faith. Bishop Michael and Bishop Ruth are amoung those attending the conference. Bishop Michael had an opportunity to meet with the Zambian Bishops and talk about the Bath and Wells link.


On Sunday there was an opening service at Canterbury Cathedral and the day’s plenary session explored what it means to build a Safe Church. During the day, bishops discussed the Lambeth Call on Safe Church.

You can watch each of the sessions live on Facebook and YouTube. You can also download a prayer diary for the conference. Bishop Ruth is regularly Tweeting from the conference, you can follow her @tauntonbish.

From the Lambeth Conference

Join with us to fight world crises such as climate change and poverty – Bishops’ invitation to leaders of other faiths

Global environmental restoration plan launched at Lambeth Conference - 3 August.

Her Majesty The Queen's message to Lambeth Conference

Bishops at Lambeth Conference discuss the Lambeth Call on Human Dignity. 2 August.

Reconciliation requires justice, accountability and self-examination, say bishops

Some bishops have been joined in Canterbury by their spouses, Bishop Michael's wife Lizzie is among them, she has shared some of her photos with us.