Loss and Damage Action Day

17th August 2022

On Thursday 22nd September you are invited to participate in Loss and Damage Action Day, an initiative to support people around the world who are suffering the harshest effects of climate change. Jo Chamberlain, National Environment Adviser at The Church of England, says this will be “an international day to stand in solidarity with those living with the worst impacts of climate breakdown, and to call on rich countries and big polluters to pay up for this loss and damage they continue to knowingly cause.”

Jo continues, “The last few days have been the hottest the UK has ever known. This isn’t some freak event – it’s a taste of what’s to come, and it’s a fraction of the heat, drought and wildfires which are becoming the norm across parts of Africa, Australia and elsewhere. The climate crisis is here – and yet there is still no fund to help communities in the poorest parts of the world deal with the impacts of this crisis they did not cause. We hope you will join us and other faith communities around the UK in prayer, reflection and action to mark the day.”

Participating in Loss and Damage Action Day

The following actions can be taken at any time:

  • Hold a discussion with a screening of the five-minute film ‘The Global Story of Climate Change Loss and Damage - and Who Should Pay For It’ to help people understand what loss and damage is and why it matters. You can download the 'Loss and damage event guide' below to help you plan an online or in person discussion event.
  • Write to your MP, asking for their backing for UK support for a loss and damage fund paid for by polluters. The organisation Make Polluters Pay will provide a template to help with this once the new prime minister is announced.

These are ways you can participate on 22nd September, Loss and Damage Action Day:

More resources, including a leaflet to hand out, placards to display, and stories of loss and damage from people around the world can be found on the Make COP Count website.

Jo says, “Everyone is welcome to join in with any of these activities, whether on your own or as a worshipping community, or by joining together with other groups of any faith or none. We know loss and damage is still an unfamiliar term for lots of people. We’ve put together some answers to common questions about what it means and what we’re calling for." This 'Loss and damage talking points' document can be downloaded  below.

You can contact Jo Chamberlain with any questions, or with photos or details of your vigil or discussion event.


Loss and damage event guide

Loss and damage talking points

Organising an Interfaith Vigil


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