We Heat, You Eat

2nd September 2022

The Benefice of Street, Walton and Compton Dundon, is opening the doors of The Mission Church, each Saturday, to make sure that people in their community have somewhere they can go to keep warm. The move is a direct response to the 'cost of living crisis', and recognises that many people will face stark choices this winter between heating and eating. From 8 October the church will be open every Saturday between 11 am - 3 pm.

Revd Ana Lawrence, Rector of the Benefice says, “As a benefice we wanted to respond practically to the 'cost of living crisis' in our local community. 'We heat, you eat' is a great way of using our building to do just this.

“We can promise the building will be warm and comfortable; there is free wifi and parking, disabled access and easy pedestrian routes from the centre of Street. Inside there will be comfy chairs and the space to spend time either chatting, playing games or a quiet corner to work or do homework.”

Recognising that people’s finances will be stretched this winter, the church will also be offering a simple hot meal, with guests invited to pay what they can as a donation to cover costs, but there will be no obligation for to pay.

The invitation is open to everyone, not just those who go to church regularly. Revd Ana says, "people come as often as they want and are welcome to stay for as long they like; they can pop in for half an hour, or the whole afternoon if they wish. And as 'We Heat, You Eat' develops we aim to offer other things our guests may need.”  There are also plans to introduce activities, such as crafts or a Sunday night film.  Contact the benefice if you would like to know more about 'We Heat, You Eat'.

According to the latest Citizens Advice forecast 1 in 4 people simply won’t be able to afford their new energy bills this October. The Warm Welcome Campaign is asking churches to pledge their support for their campaign to instigate a community response to the cost of living crisis and is encouraging churches and other organisations to offer, as the Benefice of Street, Walton and Compton Dundon has, a free, warm and welcoming space, to make sure that nobody is left to suffer this winter. 


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