The bishops are assisted in their work by three archdeacons based in Bath, Wells and Taunton. Together with other senior colleagues who collectively meet as the Bishops Staff, they are responsible for the life of the church in the diocese.

Each of our three Archdeacons is responsible for a particular geographical areas of the diocese, known as their archdeaconry. They have day-to-day oversight of practical church life, as well as pastoral care for the clergy, and they play an important role in appointing clergy to parish posts. In addition, the Archdeacons share in the central services of the diocese by active involvement in various specific areas such as chairing committees and working groups.

Anne Gell
Archdeacon of Wells
Open Anne Gell

Adrian Youings
Archdeacon of Bath
Open Adrian Youings

Simon Hill
Archdeacon of Taunton
Open Simon Hill