Pioneering Plus podcast

The Bath and Wells Podcast, Pioneering Plus will be a series of conversations exploring the places where God already is, and the church may not yet be! There will be conversation about what it means to be pioneering, and how God is leading us all in new and exciting directions.

Our first podcast is Talking Pioneering with Tina Hodgett, who is Evangelism and Pioneer Team Leader in Bath and Wells. Each month Tina will chat with people across the diocese, exploring  pioneer mission and talking about the way it is expressed and practiced, by different people each with a different approach.

Tina said:

“I was asked recently for the main joys and challenges of leading on the Pioneer Project. The absolute main joy is getting to know people who’re pioneering, hearing their stories, finding out how God has been at work in their lives, how they came to be doing what they’re doing, and what they’re dreaming about. In these podcasts the listener gets to share that joy and privilege, and I hope may be inspired to get involved somehow as the Holy Spirit directs.”

Listen in to the podcast on BuzzSprout or click on one of the links below:

Episode 4

"It's been quite a journey since I became a Christian and I'd like to share my journey with everyone." This month Tina chats with Fiona Mayne a pioneer ordinand who lives in Hayward Village, a new housing estate near Weston super Mare. Join Tina as she talks to Fiona about her journey of faith and her experiences of pioneering.

Episode 3

In episode three Tina talks to Nicky Pybus, who is a pioneer in Bournville, Weston-super-Mare. Due to lockdown restrictions they met over Zoom to chat about all things pioneering. Rachel shared some of her experiences of pioneering during lockdown.

Episode 2

In the second episode Tina catches up with Trevor James a Pioneer in Keynsham.

Who to contact

Revd Tina Hodgett, Evangelism and Pioneer Team Leader