Growing Faith & Everyday Faith

Tony Cook, Cheryl Govier and Andy Levett have taken on the roles of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith Advisers, with the responsibility of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith, two key elements in the diocesan strategy. They continue to be part of the Education and Faith Development team, be based in their respective archdeaconries (Tony – Bath, Cheryl – Wells and Andy – Taunton) and be referred by the familiar name, the Go Team.

In their new roles, the Go Team will be developing what faith in the ‘everyday’ looks like and how it grows across every generation as we seek to live and tell the story of Jesus. They will continue to provide advice, support, resources, and events that seek to build positive links between the three spheres of Church, household and schools, in relation to children, young people and families.

Tony Cook
Head of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith and Adviser for the Bath Archdeaconry
Open Tony Cook

Cheryl Govier
Growing Faith and Everyday Faith Adviser for Wells Archdeaconry
Open Cheryl Govier

Andy Levett
Growing Faith & Everyday Faith Adviser for Taunton Archdeaconry
Open Andy Levett

Revd Andy Gray
Faith Sharing Enabler
Open Revd Andy Gray