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Join with us this Lent as we explore ‘Knowing You, Knowing Me, Knowing God’. During Lent 2022 there are a range of simple resources focusing on the themes of offering and receiving welcome, hospitality, inclusion, and generosity as a way of better knowing and understanding others, ourselves, and God during Lent 22 and beyond.

The resources provided do not amount to a Lent course, they are designed to complement a Lent course and to provoke reflection and conversation. However, in the useful links there are suggested Lent courses

Resources include:

  • A short daily video on social media picking up one of the four themes, designed to provoke conversations with friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours or strangers.
  • 33 questions that can be used to provoke conversations about welcome, hospitality, inclusion and generosity.
  • A weekly bible study for any setting or group size with a bible reading, discussion questions, a suggestion for prayer and a challenge.
  • A series of videos featuring different people sharing their own personal experiences of the welcome, hospitality, inclusion, and generosity.
  • Useful links to further explore welcome, hospitality, inclusion and generosity - find them below or download a page with the all the links at the bottom of the page
  • Read our March Manna mailing, which focuses on welcome and hospitality. You can also join in prayer using the diocesan Prayer Calendar which throughout Lent features prayers around welcome, hospitality, inclusion and generosity.

Useful links





  • How Generosity Releases Creativity: a powerful testimony from Pete Hughes of how one act of generosity had incredible consequences for ministry and building God’s kingdom in London.
  • Surprised by Generosity: a new seven-week Lent course by Exeter diocese looking at God’s generosity to us and our call to live generously in return.
  • The Generosity Gift and Grace Course from Blackburn Diocese is designed us to help with the Making Disciples strand of the vision, encouraging us to grow as disciples by thinking about giving generously of our time, talents and money to the cause of Christ.
  • The Generosity Project: a new resource uses video, real stories, and God’s word to help Christians reflect deeply on generosity: a subject prominent in the Bible, but often neglected in our teaching.
  • How Generosity can be Contagious! A short two minute video that reminds us of the gift we’ve received and the blessing we’ve been given, to give.
  • Prayer for Generosity: a video of the Prayer for generosity put to music

There will also be an interactive digital wall for uploading your own stories and conversations of getting to know others, yourself and God during Lent 22.


Lent questions

Bible study

Useful links

Activity Day ideas for schools based on the four themes - shared by St Bartholomew's, Crewkerne.

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